About Roots Express

Garza-portrait-1.jpg-1024x683Roots express is a page dedicated to all species of living plants.  We understand that it is the plants that give us the oxygen we need to continue to live on planet Earth and it is our desire to bring the attention needed to the variety of plants we benefit from day in and day out.


Do you ever stop and look around you at all of the green and other colors that the plants provide?  Do you ever stand in awe of how the plants clean our air of toxins and provide food and shelter for not only us, but every living thing on this Earth?


My name is Paul and I am a local horticulturist.  I go around to parks and other public lands studying the indigenous plants.  I have a love for all sorts of plants and love learning about new ones, as well as teaching others about all types of plants.


I started this blog as a way to share my love of plants with others so I hope you stick around!  Contact me if you want me to discuss any certain species of plant.